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Papa's Cheeseria

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Papa's Cheeseria . In this game, you'll be serving sugary delights in the form of 'Freezer' sundaes to ever picky customers. It seems like it should be a breeze working for Papa at his new shop. After all, it's located on the tropical Calypso Island with a population of only twelve potential customers... oh, and I suppose that mob exiting the large cruise ship over there may decide to stop by too. You'll be fine, don't worry. Using only your mouse, you control the actions of either Alberto or Penny, whom you choose at the beginning of the game. You jot down your customers' wishes at the Order Station, fill their selected cup size at the Build Station, blend it all together at the Mix Station and finish it off at the Top Station. When you're done with their order, you wait with bated breath to see what score you've achieved. A higher score grants you better tips from that customer for both that particular day and in all future visits.

Controls of the Game

All you need is your [MOUSE], its a point and click game.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Don't take too much costumers

Quality before quantity

Try to make order on time

Sometimes not taking order and finishing the one before its a good idea

Collect money to upgrade your place

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game review

Being a big fan of time management games in general and the Papa's series specifically, I was beyond excited to see this new entry. As always, the cartoon graphics lend a lovable quality to the characters (my favorite being Captain Cory, the gruff, female, tattooed sailor), and no matter how demanding a customer may be, I still find myself liking them. I think the new features in this game works well in enticing you to try it out while the gameplay keeps you hooked. Though I felt it started out too slowly, and I found myself being bored during the first game week, it soon picked up and became a more comfortable challenge where I was able to develop a rhythm to keep my scores high. While all the decorative upgrades are a plus, the ones for behind the counter are a must! Just in time to help you beat the heat of summer, sit back, grab a cold one (sundae, that is) and spend a few hours running Papa's Cheeseria.